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Since 1983, Anthony M. Zezima P.C., has been a source of solid legal representation for people facing family law challenges.

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Atlanta, Georgia Family and Divorce Lawyer

The personal nature of matters like divorce and child custody makes family law unique among legal practice areas. When the guidance of a family law attorney becomes necessary, it is important to select a personal, empathetic, experienced lawyer who truly represents clients.Attorney Anthony M. Zezima focuses his entire legal practice on family law. Since 1983, he has provided legal services to clients in the Atlanta metro area. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your family law matter.

Focusing Exclusively on Family Law

Family law is at the heart of the law office of Anthony M. Zezima P.C.. Mr. Zezima has the experience necessary to get things done the first time. When clients have tried to file for divorce on their own, however, or when another lawyer’s work has not met a client’s needs, he will step in and repair the resulting legal dilemmas.


Appeals are a growing area of family law. When an error or flaw has been made in the processing or application of a family law decree (including divorce, child custody and child support) an appeal may be a viable option.

Often, attorneys located far from Atlanta don’t wish to travel to Atlanta courts to handle the appeal. Attorney Zezima is pleased to assist these lawyers and their clients. He takes the time to thoroughly understand a case, so that he can make a strong argument before the Georgia Supreme Court or Court of Appeals.

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