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Divorce Representation

May 20, 2019

I am extremely happy that I chose to hire Mr. Zezima. He consistently gave me sound legal advice, and was quick to return calls or emails. My divorce involved child custody, division of property and alimony. I was afraid my case good get ugly and be tough to settle. We were able to get everything settled in mediation. If I need an attorney that practices family law again I won't hesitate to call Mr. Zezima. I will also recommend him to anyone I know who is seeking an attorney for any family law case.

-Five Star Rating by Art

Worth every penny

September 25, 2018

I was involved in a custody battle for my then 4 year old son, and I don't know what I would have done without Anthony. I was a single mom who was being bullied and sued for custody. Not only was I financially unstable, I was overwhelmed and scared. He never sugarcoated anything, and was always very straightforward about the situation. When we finally had our day in court, Anthony's experience REALLY shined; he made the other attorney from a very high profile firm look like a night school lackey. I won custody of my son and five years later I am still eternally grateful.

-Five Star Rating by Heather

Experienced Professional Attorney!

January 24, 2018

I thought that I was trapped in a marriage where my new spouse chose to be the absent partner. He had gained my consent to marry him under false pretenses. When I spoke to Mr. Zezima and explained my situation he said he would be able to help me pursue the annulment that I desperately needed.I had read many wonderful reviews about him, and felt very comfortable speaking with him. After speaking with him one time, I felt that his professional expertise would be to my advantage. He listened attentively to my concerns and I felt that he truly would help me. Mr. Zezima is knowledgeable concerning Georgia law, he is kind, supportive and professional. His assistant also had the same characteristics. He was kind, always professional and ensured that my calls were always returned in a timely manner. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Zezima if you need a good attorney. He will get the job done in an expedient manner, not wasting your time or money. His fees are reasonable.Many thanks to Mr. Zezima because today I have my freedom from a fruitless, non- committed relationship and I am at liberty to live a wholesome life.

-Five Star Rating by Jacquelyn

Excellent Child Support Representation

March 19, 2014

Mr. Zezima was great to work with. He took the time to understand my case as well as listen to my needs. He constantly gave me great advice and protected my interests at every turn. I would recommend Anthony to everyone.

-Five Star Rating by Allen

Anthony Zezima knows the Law , hands down best Lawyer around

November 5, 2012

I hired Mr. Zezima to help me in cleaning up a mess my previous attorney created , long story short ....I lost primary custody of my daughter. Mr. Zezima was extremely responsive and made me feel confident in my decision to have him represent me. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID....Hire Mr. Zezima first , he knows the law and is very well respected, his professionalism and knowledge is second to NONE. I know going into custody battle can be a very uneasy feeling , hiring Anthony was the best decision i have ever made and Dodie ....thank you so much for always being there your work is most exceptional and your service is deeply appreciated

-Five Star Rating by Chris

Legal Assistance with Contempt and IDO

January 23, 2018

Mr. Zezima and he team made a difficult process much more tolerable. I especially appreciated the follow-up after court. It was nice to hav him on my side.

-Five Star Rating by anonymous

Highly Recommended

December 23, 2017

i would like to give the law firm of Anthony Zezima the highest possible recommendation I could give. Anthony has forever changed the life of my son and without his help it would not have been possible. I found working with Anthony to be an excellent experience despite very trying circumstances. Anthony was always courteous, professional and very patient as he explained the intracacies of the legal process. I found Anthony easy to get ahold of and his communication was excellent and I always knew what to expect next. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone in need of a family law attorney and I will forever have a debt of gratitude for all his help

-Five Star Rating by David


August 18, 2016

Mr. Zezima and his legal assistant Dodie handled my case in an efficient manner. They always responded to my emails in a timely manner. They did an awesome job and saved me a lot of money!!!!

-Five Star Rating by anonymous

Knowledgeable and responsive, an attorney who will advise and represent you without compromising.

March 22, 2016

I contacted Anthony after reviewing a few profiles online, it was after office hours and was happy to have spoken to him…the best decision ever! I was going through a one-sided divorce and wanted an attorney who was experienced in their profession while compassionate who will fight on your behalf. I highly recommend Anthony, his team is professional, engaged and return inquires timely. Going through a divorce is mentally and emotionally stressful, having Anthony on your side lessens the anxiety, you are in good hands.

-Five Star Rating by anonymous

Trustworthy and highly competent

March 30, 2012

My original divorce attorney was not as competent as I had hoped, and left quite a mess. Anthony has proved to be more than capable of cleaning up the damage and getting me back on more favorable terms. I will continue to use his services and wholeheartedly recommend him.

-Five Star Rating by Scott