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Alimony, Child Custody, and Child Support Modifications

In the years following a divorce, many things can change:

  • An ex-spouse remarries

  • A child graduates high school

  • Either parent loses his or her job or has a substantial change in income

In these circumstances and others, a modification of child support, child custody, or spousal support may be necessary. Life circumstances change, and the decrees of child support, child custody and alimony can -- and should -- be changed to reflect current needs and abilities with a post-divorce modification action.

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Fulton County Child Custody Modifications Lawyer

At Anthony M. Zezima, P.C., our family law attorney offers the following modification services:

  • Child support modification -- Child support may be modified, up or down, whenever there is a substantial change in income or financial circumstances of either party, or the needs of the children.

  • Child custody modification -- Several conditions can constitute a change in child custody arrangements: when one parent relocates, if a parent has a drug or alcohol problem, if a parent's new relationship changes circumstances (for example, he or she remarries and new spouse becomes stepparent or secondary caregiver) and more.

  • Spousal maintenance modification -- Alimony modification can occur if a substantial change in circumstances warrants a modification of support. However, only the amount of periodic support can be modified, not the length of time that it is paid.

We look closely at each case to determine if a substantial change in circumstances warrants a modification of support through a post-divorce judgment. Either party may also choose to have a jury trial and appeal on any action for modification.

Where to File for Modification

If your prior divorce, custody and/or child support order was issued in the state of Georgia, and either party remains in the state of Georgia, then Georgia retains continuing jurisdiction to hear a modification action. If neither party remains in Georgia, then the home state of the child determines jurisdiction.

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