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Grandparent Rights ● Child Support and Custody

Family law matters often center around controversial issues such as Grandparents’ Rights , same-sex partnerships, unmarried parents, and unconventional living arrangements of custodial parents.

No matter what controversy exists in a client’s family law issue, Atlanta divorce lawyer Anthony Zezima advocates for the individual, his client. He advocates for clients’ best interests in accordance with the law. Contact Atlanta divorce attorney Anthony M. Zezima to schedule a consultation on any family law issue including the following:

In law practice since 1983, Mr. Zezima has devoted his legal career to the counsel and representation of spouses, parents, children, and grandparents. He regularly serves as guardian ad litem for children in custody cases.

Anthony Zezima is the object of admiration, appreciation, and loyalty on the part of past and present clients as well as other lawyers. Clients consider him to be accessible, friendly, and efficient. Attorneys throughout the state of Georgia regularly call on Mr. Zezima to handle family law appeals because of his experience, knowledge, and willingness to take on legal challenges in family law.

contact usContact Atlanta divorce attorney Anthony M. Zezima, P.C. to schedule an initial consultation regarding any legal matter related to families, including child custody.

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Since 1983, Anthony M. Zezima P.C., has been a source of solid legal representation for people facing family law challenges.

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