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Interstate, International and Military Divorce


Metro Atlanta Interstate Divorce Lawyer

Interstate divorces, and other marriages where one party lives out of state or out of the country, add an extra degree of complication and frustration to divorce, which is usually already an emotional and challenging experience.

It is important that you work with a lawyer who understands the intricacies and added complications of interstate, international and military divorce. Contact our metro Atlanta military divorce attorney Anthony M. Zezima to schedule a consultation.

Georgia Interstate Divorce Attorney

Attorney Zezima can assist with the issues commonly arising in divorce such as:

Jurisdiction to File for Divorce in Georgia

To seek a divorce in Georgia, a connection to the state of Georgia is required. For example, a military member living overseas may seek an interstate, international or military divorce in Georgia as long as his or her spouse lives there. A spouse who is seeking a divorce from a military spouse, or even an estranged spouse living out of state or out of country, may seek a divorce in Georgia if his or her spouse maintains a connection to Georgia, such as a marital home.

However, under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, parties stationed overseas on active duty can be excused from attending court.

Regardless of which spouse is filing for divorce, which spouse is pursuing what, and whether either spouse is a member of the military, one party has to have been a resident of the state of Georgia for the six months prior to filing.

International Divorce Law Firm

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