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Our Operation During COVID-19 Quarantine

May 28, 2020
While the COVID 19 quarantine is in effect, this law firm will be operating remotely, using the telephone, email, and online video conferencing to communicate with clients, courts, opposing counsel, witnesses, and others. Upon release by the government and the court system, we will again meet with these individuals in person, and to make court appearances, as necessary to continue to represent our clients in the best way possible.

I have set up an operation center in my home, and a post office box for regular mail. We also will continue to accept new clients at this time. Consultations can be by phone or video conference. As has been our practice for 36 years, the initial phone consultation to determine the nature of the potential client's needs, and to determine if this law firm can meet them, is at no charge. No one should have to pay upfront to interview and shop for legal services. Following this initial consultation, which typically is about 15-30 minutes, we can let you know if this law firm can meet your needs, and what would be the approximate cost to do so. We would then schedule a more in-depth consultation, either immediately following the initial consultation, or at another agreed-upon time.

I look forward to speaking with you and meeting your legal needs. However, please limit all initial consultations to Family Law matters. That is my exclusive area of practice.